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Got Pests in your Home?

It’s not just you. Every home has pests and we understand that this can cause anxiety to you and your family. Your family’s health is intrinsically linked to the health of your home and living environment. The Pest Man delivers general pest control services in Palmerston North and the wider Manawatu, Wellington and Kapiti regions.

The solution to your pest problem starts from your first point of contact. We’ll give you some practical advice until we can get a technician to you. From rodent control to borer control ALL of our pest control treatments deliver results.

Anything that bites, stings, poisons, spreads disease or destroys needs to be eliminated and The Pest Man will ensure that happens for homes in Wellington through to Manawatu.

Beating Bed Bugs from Wellington to Palmerston North

Treating Bed Bugs in Palmerston North and Wellington especially flats and student accommodation is common for The Pest Man. Property Managers, owners and tenants need to trust that the technicians pulling beds apart and methodically working to target eggs and pupae know what they are doing. Our techs are fully qualified, highly experienced, and just as importantly treat you, your home and belongings with respect no matter what pest is being treated.

Beating Bed Bugs
Bed Bugs Control
The Pest Man

Friendly and Fighting Fit Technicians

Pest control is not for the feint hearted. We climb into ceiling spaces and sub floors, navigate bush clad hills and murky undergrowth to deliver the best results for you. Our technicians are physically fit and capable of doing the job. We ensure they have the latest equipment, PPE and technology required to keep them and your property safe while working to get rid of pest infestations.
Professional Pest Managemment

Borer Treatments Palmerston North to Wellington

We have a reputation for delivering exceptional borer control in Wellington and Palmerston North. Borer Treatments are labour intensive and often require working in confined spaces wearing full PPE. Nimble and fit technicians are required. We are specialists in borer saturation treatments and are sought after to deliver borer treatments between Palmerston North and Wellington. It’s a privilege to protect those older homes and villas built with untreated structural timbers. They’ve got great bones and we can help to keep them that way.
Quality Advice

Technical guidance and expert advice on identification and integrated forms of pest management.


We are transparent regarding the procedures, methods and controlling agents used as well as intended outcomes.


Prioritised consideration for your family's health, safety, environment, convenience and budget.

Long-Term Results

Swift resolution with long term preventative solutions in place, effective, environmentally responsible pest control in Levin, Kapiti, and surrounds

Our promise

We treat for wasps, flies, fleas, spiders, cockroaches, borer, rodents, ants and many other pests. And when we treat we are always mindful of how we do it. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) has become the corner stone of how The Pest Man delivers services. In short, we use IPM to deliver targeted, controlled treatments. When we use pesticides we do so minimally and together with other measures which include but is not limited to monitoring and preventative maintenance. The Pest Man team promises to protect your family, your home and the environment. It’s all connected.
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