Fly Control

Fly Control

What do you call a fly without wings? A walk, of course. They’d be so much easier to control if they could only walk and not fly but then we’d lose that satisfying thwack with a rolled-up newspaper, magazine, book or shoe as we manically compete in something akin to the Fly Olympics in our homes or workplace. 

Other pest control companies will attest that a can of fly spray or a rolled-up newspaper can be effective in dealing with a few flies intent on depositing their waste throughout the room. After all, fly control is fly control, no matter the method. In reality, it’s an extremely short-term gain for a big hit and miss type effort.

Save your sanity. We recommend you give up on the Fly Olympics and get professional fly control. 

The Pest Man fly treatments have been responsible for the eradication of, dare we say, millions of flies from homes, cafes, offices, childcare centres, medical centres and many other properties between Wellington and Palmerston North. Our treatments are targeted, and you will benefit from our consultative approach and knowledge sharing. While we can boast that our techs are fit and games ready, we can confirm a rolled-up newspaper does not form part of our fly control solution. The controlling agents used in professional fly treatments are based on synthetic pyrethroids that are environmentally friendly, safe and approved for use in New Zealand by registered pest control technicians.

Identify the type of fly

While that’s easier said than done if you’re not a specialist, the success of fly control treatments will largely depend on the type of fly infestation you have. Treatment is often by way of residual surface sprays, and this provides the knockdown effect when a fly lands. When you call a pest control company, and after describing flying patterns and general behaviour, you should be advised on what immediate things you can do to gain some relief until they can attend. 

Identify the sources

Pet food bowls and pet poo. One does result from the other, but both will attract flies as well as waste food, rubbish bins, compost, and rotting wood. Removing, cleaning or containing these attractants will serve you well before and after fly control treatments. A pest specialist will seek out where they breed and feed on your property. The Pest Man technicians are keen to share their knowledge, take a consultative approach to pest control and can help you keep flies to a minimum in and around your property or business.

Treatment expectations 

Summer will mean more flies. Like us, they love the sun and warmth. Cafes and any food-based business will understand the importance of ongoing fly control regardless of the season, not only from a regulatory requirement but also from their customers’ perspective. Bimonthly servicing should be in place to keep not only flies but all pests under control. The Pest Man services many food-based businesses in Wellington, Porirua, Kapiti, Levin, Feilding and Palmerston North.

Many of our residential customers will book our fly control spray treatment once a year, and together with the advice and recommendations, we give them, self-manage in between.

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