Rodent Control In University Residences – Promoting Healthy Environments For Living And Learning

Rodent Control

As the prime of the pandemic wears off and life starts returning to a new version of normal, it’s also time for students in university flatting and dormitories to adjust to new rules and regulations. With hybrid learning models now in full effect, students are likely to be spending more time in their rental units. University flatting and dormitories are busier than ever, and with more students returning, more pests will begin emerging from their hiding places in search of brand new food sources.

Keep reading for best practices on rodent control in Palmerston North-based universities, as well as any of the surrounding geographical locations.

Responsibility For Landlords, Accommodation Coordinators And Students
According to the NZ Tenancy Services, the responsibility for preventing pest infestations initially rests with landlords and university housing coordinators. Before students take up residence in student housing and flatting, landlords must ensure the property has been properly inspected and proper pest management solutions have been implemented.

Once students enter their university housing, it is their responsibility to maintain a level of cleanliness that doesn’t encourage rodent infestation and identify signs of a developing infestation early on.

Tips For Preventing Rodent Infestations In University Residences

  • Keep kitchens and food preparation areas clean and free of clutter and crumbs. Rats notoriously love to seek out kitchens as prime food sources.
  • Store food in airtight containers.
  • Keep your bins sealed and avoid leaving full plastic bin bags out in the open; rodents can easily chew through them to access what’s inside.
  • Students who notice a problem with excess rubbish should speak to their landlords or accommodation coordinators to come to a solution.

Make a habit of inspecting for the following signs of infestation regularly:

  • Signs of rodent droppings
  • Gnaw marks on cables and pipes
  • Sounds of rodents scuttling inside roof spaces and floorboards
  • Possible entry points in walls and floors that have not been there previously
  • Openings in food storage boxes/bags

Maintaining Healthy Living And Learning Environments For Students
Good academic performance, combined with the added stress of moving out of the home and forging a new life on their own, can be a lot for students to deal with. Maintaining a healthy and clean living environment boosts morale and promotes an orderly environment for improved focus and academic performance.

The Pest Man believes that New Zealand’s future rests with its youth. Let’s ensure students are kept safe from the dangers of rodent infestation, so they can focus on excelling in their academic fields. Contact us today for the end of lease, beginning of tenancy, or university residence inspection and rodent control in Palmerston north. We will deal with your problem as efficiently as possible and ensure that you know exactly what to do if you see signs of an infestation.


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