What to look for when choosing a Pest Control Company

Pest Control

Outside of building or house inspection companies who are engaged only when a property is being bought or sold, there aren’t many if any industries where professionals get up close and personal with what’s happening inside and outside your home.

That’s a big privilege and responsibility and not one we take lightly when carrying out pest control for our clients in Palmerston North and the Manawatu through to Wellington.

So, what should you look for when choosing a pest control company.

  1. Are they qualified and trained in pest management? At a minimum any technician servicing your property should hold a NZ certificate in pest operations (L3) or the equivalent. Further to this, do they hold all relevant licenses, certificates, or qualifications for the type of pest control being carried out at your property.  For example, broadcasting liquid pindone for rabbit control requires the technician to be additionally certified by The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) every 2 years.  Don’t be afraid to ask for certifications or qualifications.
  2. Are they affiliated with a professional pest control association or body? Associations such as PMANZ (Pest Management Association of New Zealand) provide regular industry training, best practice updates and legislative changes or requirements to members. While membership is not compulsory many local and national government agencies and property management companies are requiring their pest service providers to be members.  As a listed registered PMANZ technician customers can be assured that members are verifiably trained and qualified and have resources available to them.
  3. Are they insured? Does the pest company hold current Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance and a current H&S policy. Providing certificates of currencies and current H&S policy documents are now mandatory requirements when working with property management companies and local and central government agencies.  While you may not think this is important for simple residential work your insurance company, work safe or neighbours may think differently.
  4. Does your pest control provider have discussions with you? Given this is your property and you live there the information and observations you have about what is happening is invaluable.  Are you informed on how your property will be serviced and do you know what to expect from your pest control treatment. Has the service price been discussed and agreed. Service reports should be provided, recommendations made within that report and controlling agents identified.  Service reports are particularly important because they help both customer and company ensure integrated pest management principles are maintained.
  5. How do others rate them? Reviews are a good indicator, look for consistency around what the company does well, how old the reviews are and don’t be afraid to ask for a particular technician if they have been named in the review.  Reviews that are evenly spaced may be more organic as opposed to those clustered together over a short space of time.  Social media groups are also a good way to garner information on your local provider.  Make sure that recommendations are coming from those who have used the company they are endorsing. If you have a cockroach or rat problem in Palmerston North or Wellington, seek local recommendations for that pest.
  6. Job management, reminders, and CRM This is probably not something you think about when engaging a pest professional. How easy is it to communicate with them? Service reports indicate what was treated, when and how.  They are like health records for your home, rental property or business premises. The ability to send reminders, check on activity and follow through with you on service recommendations is an important part of any agreed pest service.

The Pest Man technicians are fully qualified and highly skilled members of PMANZ.  We provide the full range of general pest control from cockroach, mice or rat control in Palmerston North to fly and spider and wasp nests or ants in Kapiti through to millipedes and rodents in Wellington.


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