The importance of Pest Service Records

Pest Service

Commercial food operators will know the importance of pest control service records within the NZ food standards regulatory environment and just as importantly the ability to produce or refer to them at any time. In fact any NZ business small or large should be able to draw on pest control service records not just for regulatory purposes but to support their own general business operations including staff well-being, health and safety, building and property maintenance.

Having service reports for your home treatments is equally as important. The Pest Man provides and holds copies of service records for all commercial and residential customers from Palmerston North, Kapiti and Wellington.

Home, Car Insurance and Pests

Most insurance companies see pest control as regular preventative maintenance and lay that responsibility on the owner. So it’s unlikely your insurance company will pay out on damage to wiring cables or plumbing pipes in your home caused by rodents. At best you may be able to claim on your contents insurance if for example, a rat chewed through an electrical socket powering your freezer resulting in the loss of several hundred dollars of food. Replacement wiring is not claimable, but the loss of food may well be. Similarly, rats chewing through your car wiring may not be covered depending on your car insurance policy.

Ants are just as destructive on that front, small as they are, thousands of them clumped inside a light can render that light socket a fire hazard. Regular ant control and rodent control will likely cost less than replacement plumbing or wiring.

The service record provided by The Pest Man for any treatment undertaken at your property will make recommendations on maintenance or measures you can take to control those pests. We will also let you know our observations and recommendations around any other pests or potential issues at the property because regular pest checks will always be the best insurance for your home.

Tenancy Management in Palmerston North, Kapiti and Wellington

The Pest Man works with many residential property management companies in Palmerston North, Kapiti and Wellington. Property owners do need to ensure that the property is free from pests at the start of a tenancy. Service reports and supporting documents including photos are key to the property manager understanding what is happening after the start of a tenancy as are recommendations on any maintenance required by owners or actions required by tenants to manage pests going forward.

Proof of Servicing

Pest inspections and servicing should be conducted regularly and yet the reality is most people will seek pest control services reactively based on what can be seen, heard, smelt, or felt. Often damage to homes has occurred prior to calling the professionals. The ability to produce regular pest service records when you sell your home or as a property manager is like producing regular car servicing records. Service records indicate to any prospective buyer or tenant that a good level of maintenance and care has been taken at the property.

Contact The Pest Man for regular pest services in Palmerston North, Kapiti, Wellington and everywhere in between.

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