Parents – How Much Do Your Kids Know About Preventing Cockroach Infestation Before Moving Into Their Student Accommodation?

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Seeing your children leave the house for University is a proud and sometimes bitter-sweet moment for any parent. There’s a lot of packing and preparation to be done; a lot of last-minute advice to give. Are they ready to manage homes of their own? Compose grocery lists? Keep a regular cleaning schedule? Do they know how to keep their new university residences free from pests? How much do your kids know about prevention, management and cockroach control in their Palmerston North-based student flats?

Know Where They Hide In student accommodation settings, the most common places to find cockroaches will be in the kitchen:

  • Behind fridges and freezers, where they are drawn to the heat of the motor;
  • Under the sink in search of water and safety, and
  • Beneath kitchen appliances, such as microwaves and kettles.

Beneath kitchen appliances, such as microwaves and kettles. The Dangers Associated With Cockroach Infestation Cockroaches contaminate food, utensils and food preparation surfaces as they move from place to place. Cockroaches are regarded as a health hazard, as they are a common allergen source and asthma trigger. They also carry certain bacteria that can cause food poisoning or serious illness. They breed rapidly, and once an infestation occurs, it can blow out of control very quickly. A cockroach infestation also leaves the environment in a home severely deteriorated. How can your child be expected to achieve the best academic results in an environment where their health is compromised? Practical Steps To Prevent Infestation Before they set off on their brand new adventure, it will be good to advise them on what practical measures they can take to avoid a cockroach infestation, how to identify signs of an infestation, and practical steps on how to solve the problem, should it occur. Free The Area Of Clutter Cockroaches thrive in untidy, cluttered environments with plenty of places to hide and stay unnoticed. Remind them that piles of laundry or stacks of old class notes make perfect places for cockroaches to hide. Avoiding clutter is the first step toward roach proofing student accommodations. Cut Off All Food Sources For large parts of the day, dorm rooms and university residences can stay empty once everyone has gone to class. This is the perfect time for cockroaches to roam in search of food sources. Get students in the habit of storing their food in sealed, air-tight containers and taking plates and cups back to the kitchen to be cleaned immediately after use. Clean, Dust & Vacuum Regularly Cockroaches are attracted to dirty and dusty places; they love to hide among dust balls and clumps of hair. By getting students in the habit of vacuuming and dusting regularly, you’ll ensure they keep their student residences roach free. Cleaning rosters are a great way to encourage a team effort for university residence cleanliness. Inspect For Signs Of Infestation Before your child moves into their residence, have them contact their landlord or accommodation coordinator to enquire about when the last pest inspection and fumigation happened. Remind your child that it’s their responsibility to keep the environment pest-free once they move in. Students should make it a routine to inspect the rooms themselves as well, looking for shed skins or discarded wings, droppings and darkish stains that might indicate cockroach excretion. Cockroach infestation also leaves an unpleasant odour that lingers on contaminated surfaces. We Are Here To Help When You Need It Most At any signs of infestation, contact the landlord, maintenance staff or accommodation coordinator immediately. An infestation can rarely be eradicated with do-it-yourself techniques. Contracting the services of a professional pest controller is the best way to identify the source of the problem and find roaches where they hide. For effective, controlled, measured and long-term cockroach control in Palmerston North student accommodations, get in touch with The Pest Man today. We use discreet, effective and environmentally responsible controlling agents and pest management methods for fast results and advice on long-term preventative solutions.


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