What to look for when choosing a Pest Control Company

Pest Control

Outside of building or house inspection companies who are engaged only when a property is being bought or sold, there aren’t many if any industries where professionals get up close and personal with what’s happening inside and outside your home. That’s a big privilege and responsibility and not one we take lightly when carrying out […]

The importance of Pest Service Records

Pest Service

Commercial food operators will know the importance of pest control service records within the NZ food standards regulatory environment and just as importantly the ability to produce or refer to them at any time. In fact any NZ business small or large should be able to draw on pest control service records not just for […]

Fly Control

Fly Control

What do you call a fly without wings? A walk, of course. They’d be so much easier to control if they could only walk and not fly but then we’d lose that satisfying thwack with a rolled-up newspaper, magazine, book or shoe as we manically compete in something akin to the Fly Olympics in our […]

Restoring The Balance On Disproportionately Dense Seasonal Wasp Populations

Ockroach Control

Each wasp colony has the same hierarchy; an egg-laying queen, sterile female workers, and male drones and workers. A wasp colony’s cycle begins in the early spring, concludes in winter, and may continue through several seasons. The colony’s entire life cycle begins with the birth of a new queen and ends with her death. The […]